a. harlana – “textile workers”

a harlana2


I Can’t Wait for Summer is very pleased to release the a. harlana’s ‘textile workers,’ the first single from the upcoming E.P., “Ada Belle,” due January 27, 2019. This is a luscious slice of bedroom dreampop straight from the idiosyncratic being of Juno Roome. Lovely textures overlay his effervescent, breathy vocal. Lay back, relax and float down stream.

Juno Roome could be America’s poster child for “Least Suspicious Egomaniac,” which is hilarious considering he printed 500 f*cked up business cards. He really wanted a much larger font. (Editor’s note: I’m very happy with the cards.) So that between the business cards and the new guitar, he could pull off subtly overcompensating with a hip aesthetic. Juno also powerlifts and subsists off chicken and vegetables, which makes him the nerdiest bro I know. And is honestly sad because he’ll never be truly accepted by nerds, or validated by bros. He is an art bro, a breed all their own.