rx Soul – “Bluelines”

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We’re happy to share with you a new track from rx Soul, “Bluelines”.

After a stellar debut in late 2017 with HypeMachine-topping “All The Way There,” and infectious collaborations with rapper Indica and producer The Kount, LA-based newcomer rx Soul drops his sixth track, “Bluelines.” rx Soul deals with the intense pain of losing a loved one over a beautifully wistful production, and the final product is impressionable to say the least.
Soul says of the track, “I wrote this song about the loss of a very close loved one of mine​. T​he lyrics recall one of the last painless memories we shared together: laying outside under a mostly gray and cloudy sky, looking ​up ​at a few remaining thin streaks of blue​. I remember feeling angry at whatever higher power would let this happen, but finally accepted​ the reality,​ and focused instead on immortalizing this person through writing…on the coincidentally blue lines of my notebook paper.”