Noisebody – Water Cup Collection Committee


I Can’t Wait For Summer is pleased to share with you a new EP from Louisville-based psych-keyboard project Noisebody. Characterized by phasing Rhodes and punchy bass and drums, Water Cup Collection Committee is a trip over the hills and through the woods to the stream of consciousness, in just under 10 minutes. Enjoy the instrumentals and let you mind wander. Water Cup Collection Committee released today February 15, 2019. The release show is tonight at Odeon in Louisville, KY with Idiot Glee.


a. harlana – “textile workers”


I Can’t Wait for Summer is very pleased to release the a. harlana’s ‘textile workers,’ the first single from the upcoming E.P., “Ada Belle,” due January 27, 2019. This is a luscious slice of bedroom dreampop straight from the idiosyncratic being of Juno Roome. Lovely textures overlay his effervescent, breathy vocal. Lay back, relax and float down stream.

Juno Roome could be America’s poster child for “Least Suspicious Egomaniac,” which is hilarious considering he printed 500 f*cked up business cards. He really wanted a much larger font. (Editor’s note: I’m very happy with the cards.) So that between the business cards and the new guitar, he could pull off subtly overcompensating with a hip aesthetic. Juno also powerlifts and subsists off chicken and vegetables, which makes him the nerdiest bro I know. And is honestly sad because he’ll never be truly accepted by nerds, or validated by bros. He is an art bro, a breed all their own.


Foxanne – “So Excited”



I Can’t Wait for Summer is beyond so excited to release the newest Foxanne song, “So Excited.” It’s a blast of emotional honesty and embracing the moment. We truly hope you like it as much as we do.

“So Excited,” the latest single from Brooklyn indie artist Foxanne, is the bold, upbeat antithesis to “cool kid” apathy. The song is an unapologetic ode to being shamelessly yourself as Foxanne belts out “I just want to be embarrassingly honest to me.” Foxanne, a songstress and science writer, was inspired by her many experiences feeling like the odd one out for expressing her unbridled enthusiasm.


You Have to Check Out Cavern Company!!!

Cavern Company, these guys are going places. These extremely nice and sincere young gentlemen from Oklahoma City make some the most tuneful songs I have heard in quite some time. Over the years, I’ve been lucky enough to around near the beginning of some very big bands in the indie and alternative stratosphere, which I will decline to name drop, and I would put Cavern Company in that category of bands. They have the potential to be massive.

They have all the tools. Zach, Kolby and Joshua are expert instrumentalists who deploy their evident chops with that rarified animal, good taste. Their songs are melodic and dynamic, with instantly accessible sing-a-long choruses that also contain significant personal and emotional content that makes the songs all the more relatable and substantial.

The real question is: What can’t they do? They built the studio where their songs are recorded. They play lots of shows and bring all of their intensity, camaraderie and passion to bear in their performances. They are a truly collaborative, and every member of the band contributes to every song, making them greater than the sum of their parts.

Their newest single, “Enough?” the third seasonal single of the year for the band, is a paragon of the form that is the Cavern Company composition. It starts with hooks on top of hooks, before a super catchy melody comes at the top of the verse and just never quits. Something about the range of its delivery, as it displays quit the vocal range, and the arrangement, conveys the sense of the dichotomous relationship between elation and anxiety that comes with playing music.

Also highly recommended are their previous two singles, “Falling” and “Body Language.” They are both supremely excellent. Released in Spring and Summer respectively, along with the forthcoming Winter single, and one song that we can expect will be a brilliant thesis statement, the band tracks will be collected in an E.P. called “So This is Happiness” to be released in early 2019. I, for one, cannot wait to see what they do next.   


rx Soul – “Cyclical”


rx Soul returns with his seventh consecutive single “Cyclical”, a track about “getting caught in a repetitive cycle of behavior patterns, not quite knowing how to break it.” rx Soul is carefully carving a place for himself musically, consistently releasing flawlessly produced tracks and vocals that are powerful, direct, and tender. He’s caught our attention and we await what comes next.


From Phoenix, Arizona, rx Soul grew up between the homes of divorced parents. As a teenager, he had a close brush with death at the peak of Tucson’s Mount Lemmon, which he calls “an experience of true, animal fear.” This event, which gave him a conscious appreciation for simply being alive, along with his growing love of music like The Weeknd’s Trilogy and Frank Ocean’s Channel Orange, changed his views on songwriting. He shifted his focus from writing exclusively about love and heartbreak to telling stories about the very human and often dark experiences that give life such depth. When asked about the name “rx Soul,” he points to the tendency he’s noticed in himself and others to self-medicate, taking the quick, surface level approach to a problem instead of challenging the root cause head-on…exactly what he intends to do with his music.


Eden James – “Bad Girl”


Eden James’ newest track “Bad Girl” will be the first of a series of singles leading up to his album. It’s a rock ‘n’ roll banger with some questionable lyrics. The track features Larry Saltzman, guitarist for Paul Simon, and Sterling Campbell, drummer for David Bowie.

James says of the track, “I’m not interested in following trends. I’ve always loved the magic of the rock songs of the ’60s and ’70s. It’s that magic that I look for when writing a song,”.


rx Soul – “Bluelines”


We’re happy to share with you a new track from rx Soul, “Bluelines”.

After a stellar debut in late 2017 with HypeMachine-topping “All The Way There,” and infectious collaborations with rapper Indica and producer The Kount, LA-based newcomer rx Soul drops his sixth track, “Bluelines.” rx Soul deals with the intense pain of losing a loved one over a beautifully wistful production, and the final product is impressionable to say the least.
Soul says of the track, “I wrote this song about the loss of a very close loved one of mine​. T​he lyrics recall one of the last painless memories we shared together: laying outside under a mostly gray and cloudy sky, looking ​up ​at a few remaining thin streaks of blue​. I remember feeling angry at whatever higher power would let this happen, but finally accepted​ the reality,​ and focused instead on immortalizing this person through writing…on the coincidentally blue lines of my notebook paper.”

Riley – “Innocence”


“Innocence,” is a track with subject matter as powerful as the voice that delivers it. Riley brings the whole of her huge and powerful voice to this enormous, cathartic track. Her singing isn’t just a ray of light, it the entire sun, eliminating the darkness. Through creation the demons are beaten and she is transformed.

The song begins with just her voice and a lonley acoustic guitar. She recounts the struggle she endured at the hands of shady figure. The music reflects this. But Riley overcame the trauma she endured. When the chrous comes in, it is the sound of the curtains be thrown open and the light flooding in.

Riley said of the track, “When I was younger, I suffered abuse by the hands of an older man. Being able to sing out my confusion and frustration made me confront some upsetting truths about my past. “Innocence” is about seeing these issues face-to-face and and way to heal from them.”


The Shakes – “Paralyzed”


The Shakes released their latest “Paralyzed” a few weeks ago.  While it’s only their 3rd single, they’re paving the way for a long road ahead. While recording their first single “Somebody” with Jon O’Brien and Josh Brooks at The Music Box studios in Fullerton, CA, Francois Comtois (of Young The Giant) overheard them and went on to record drums on the single. Their second track “Scrumptious” reached over 100,000 plays without any promotion or marketing, which led them to opening for rising band, The Strike, as well as headlining local shows at The Wayfarer and The Observatory in Orange County.


The Shakes are set for a crazy debut summer, which includes the release of “Paralyzed”. This is the first single of off their debut EP, With Every Moment, which is set to release in 2 parts, “pt.1” coming out July of 2018. The EP was engineered and mixed by producer Josh Brooks. Their former singles are a bold first statement for Sean Perry, singer and songwriter for the Shakes, as it is his first body of work. It shows The Shakes are ready to rattle ears worldwide and have the songs and uncanny confidence to prove it.