Shapes On Tape – “Ctrl Yr <3"


We’re happy to share with you Shapes On Tape’s newest, “Ctrl Yr <3”. From constant key changes to a chorus in 7/8, Shapes on Tape seem to be trying to alienate the audience, only to draw them further in to one of the catchiest songs they’ve ever made, which is saying a lot. It’s a quirky and infectious groove that commands the audience not to fall in love with it–knowing full well that that is an impossible task. The absolutely inimitable Matt Duncan also throws us a saxophone solo for good measure.


rx Soul – “Rose Lane”


Continuing to impress after bursting onto the scene in late 2017 with Hype Machine topping debut “All The Way There” and an infectious collaboration with rapper Indica, LA based newcomer rx Soul drops his fourth track “Rose lane”. rx Soul wows on a sprawling, soulful soundscape,  marrying gorgeous vocal tones against shape shifting, expansive production, “Rose lane” serves as a stellar addition to the growing catalog of a new artist to watch over the coming months.

Speaking on the track, rx Soul states: “Rose Lane is the name of a street I spent quite a lot of time on growing up. In this song, I wanted to explore the very natural process of losing touch with the places, feelings, and experiences that were so familiar to a younger self, and trying to keep as many of them alive as possible.”

Illuminated Interview with Jason S. Matuskeiwicz


Illuminated Interview with Jason S. Matuskiewicz

Jason S. Matuskiewicz recently released his debut EP, “Blue Velvet Couch.” He sat down with Heather Willems to discuss the E.P., which she then illuminated, which can see above. Enjoy the interview while listening to the E.P.


Cedric Warner Sparkman – “Black Rabbit”


“Black Rabbit,” the new Cedric Warner Sparkman song that we have the extreme pleasure of releasing, was in the works for five years. Cedric would never be accused of working too fast, but it’s worth the wait. His new concoction is a glam-tinged confection of great harmonies and killer riffs. An amalgam of T-Rex guitars meet postpunk drums and are held together by Cedric irresistable, gooey melodies. A three part pop suite awaits the listener. Three minutes later, you’re going to want to go on the sonic journey again.


Sea Girls – Heavenly War


Henry, Rory, Andrew, and Oliver are the guys behind Sea Girls hailing from London. They are fresh off the release of an EP and even more recently two singles, each one guaranteed to make your head bob. Heavenly War, the title track off their EP is a favorite here at ICWFS. Imagine everything you love about Brit pop and indie rock in one track, or just give it a listen.


Frills – She’s Got Love


Frills released their bouncy bubblegum track She’s Got Love last month. It hits you like the sun does in July when you’re not wearing sunglasses. You can bounce along to this track as the feeling of summer washes over you.


Babytiger – Nursery Rhymes


We found in our inbox a message from Babytiger. Only a month ago they released “Nursery Rhymes”. It’s big and vibes out hard from the get. The instrumental has elements of shoegaze whereas the vocals remind me of Dan Bejar. Listen to “Nursery Rhymes” and others on their Soundcloud.


Riley – “Havoc”

Riley’s track, “Havoc,” is a cool, soulful track with a huge, hook-laden chorus. All the things we like over here at ICWFS HQ.