You Have to Check Out Cavern Company!!!

Album Art

Cavern Company, these guys are going places. These extremely nice and sincere young gentlemen from Oklahoma City make some the most tuneful songs I have heard in quite some time. Over the years, I’ve been lucky enough to around near the beginning of some very big bands in the indie and alternative stratosphere, which I will decline to name drop, and I would put Cavern Company in that category of bands. They have the potential to be massive.

They have all the tools. Zach, Kolby and Joshua are expert instrumentalists who deploy their evident chops with that rarified animal, good taste. Their songs are melodic and dynamic, with instantly accessible sing-a-long choruses that also contain significant personal and emotional content that makes the songs all the more relatable and substantial.

The real question is: What can’t they do? They built the studio where their songs are recorded. They play lots of shows and bring all of their intensity, camaraderie and passion to bear in their performances. They are a truly collaborative, and every member of the band contributes to every song, making them greater than the sum of their parts.

Their newest single, “Enough?” the third seasonal single of the year for the band, is a paragon of the form that is the Cavern Company composition. It starts with hooks on top of hooks, before a super catchy melody comes at the top of the verse and just never quits. Something about the range of its delivery, as it displays quit the vocal range, and the arrangement, conveys the sense of the dichotomous relationship between elation and anxiety that comes with playing music.

Also highly recommended are their previous two singles, “Falling” and “Body Language.” They are both supremely excellent. Released in Spring and Summer respectively, along with the forthcoming Winter single, and one song that we can expect will be a brilliant thesis statement, the band tracks will be collected in an E.P. called “So This is Happiness” to be released in early 2019. I, for one, cannot wait to see what they do next.