I Can’t Wait for Summer (“ICWFS”) is a for profit music collective located in the trash filled neighborhood of Bushwick in Brooklyn, New York.

Featured Releases

Jason Matu

Different Love LP

Byrne Method

Heartbreak Season (Single)

Shapes on Tape

Legends in the Process LP

Artists & Alumni

Shapes on Tape

Brooklyn synthrock legends.

Jason Matu

The folk singing lawyer of Bushwick and co-founder of ICWFS.

Juno Roome

ICWFS released “If I’m a Bird,” “American Boy,” “Two Honey Pies,” “My Dear I Will Think of You,” “How Deep is Your Love,” and the Ada Belle EP by Juno Roome.

Ivy Nations

ICWFS released “You are the Centre of Me” by Ivy Nations

Altar Eagles

ICWFS released the self-titled EP by Altar Eagles.

Allie & Ivy

ICWFS released “Get Hi,” “Best Friends” and “Money” by Allie & Ivy. 


ICWFS released the single version of “So Excited” by Foxanne.


August 31, 2019

Pinc Louds, Princess Goes to the Butterfly Museum & a. harlana @ LPR